Restoration of French L’Épée clocks

Our clockmaker’s workshop is able to service and restore any type of French L’Épée clock (produced in Sainte-Suzanne in France).

Our thorough knowledge of the different stages of manufacturing of L’Épée clocks and the different generations of these allow us to efficiently identify all tasks to be completed in order to restore clocks brought in or sent in.

Restoration of the movement

Your clock doesn’t work properly anymore or it has a faulty winding up or strike, etc… We will identify the problem and we will give you an estimate of restoration in order to breathe new life into your clock.


Do not forget to have your L’Épée clock regularly serviced by a qualified and experienced clockmaker. This will prevent further dysfunctions. If you wish, we will gladly take care of your clock after submitting a precise estimate.

  Your clock suffered damages after a fall or your clock has broken or missing parts? Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment (machines, tools), and thanks to our outstanding skills, we are able to repair damaged parts and replace missing parts. We also replace glasses on carriage clocks.

Restoration of the case
Over time, the brass case of your L’Épée clock may deteriorate and oxidate because of humidity or acid perspiration. In other cases, frequent rubbing (cleaning) and scratching may damage the varnish. We will renovate your case (polishing and lacquering) to restore the original glossy finish.

At HECE International, there is a solution for every L’Épée issue, and all L’Épée models (made in France or made in England) can be restored, whatever their age.

Our workshop also can service or restore any other types of clocks, alarm clocks, cuckoo clocks, etc…
Kindly contact us before sending in any item to be restored, in order that we can inform you about the shipping procedure. | contact