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This site was set up by SN HECE International, distributor of L’Épée clocks in France for over 10 years, after the shutdown of the factory of Sainte-Suzanne in France.

Ruben MONNIN - founder and current manager of HECE International – is a professional watchmaker who graduated from “L’École Nationale d’Horlogerie” a watchmaking school of Besançon in France. After his studies, he joined the L’Épée factory of Sainte-Suzanne, where he climbed the ladder. After starting his career at the workshop, he managed the production, and then became Sales Manager of the L’Épée company.

After he left L’Épée, Ruben MONNIN created in 1988 the “SN HECE INTERNATIONAL”, with his wife Renate MONNIN , who had also worked in the clock industry. HECE International is the sole French distributor of brands of carriage clocks, clocks, alarm clocks, etc., to French watchmakers and jewellers. Myriam MONNIN, daughter of the founders, joined the family business in 2008.

  Ruben MONNIN

More than salesmen, we are true fans of clocks and L’Épée in particular. Our long experience and our perfect knowledge of L’Épée and of the different generations of L’Épée clocks make us true experts in L’Épée clocks.

Please visit our website for professionals : www.hece-international.com

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